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Welcome to Illustrators Daily!


IllustratorsDaily is a platform for artists, for people interested in illustration, for people who want to help sharing the work of illustrators and everyone who loves to see creative stuff.

Our goal is to support the artist’s community and the distribution of their illustrations. We want to build a virtual gallery, a portfolio of creators and a place to find and talk about arts.

The idea started with the Instagram account @illustratorsdaily, where I wanted to show great illustrations from artists from around the world. It was not only to collect beautiful digital artwork on my feed, but to help illustrators to spread their pieces. So what @illustratorsdaily does, is reposting illustrations on the account, linking the author and hoping to give the post more visibility. As I got in contact with more and more people in our community, I learnt about the difficulties and the importance of the artist’s professional life. I wanted to enhance this project and decided to make it the topic of my academic thesis, since I’m about to finish my university degree in communications with focus on journalism. My aim was to link the Instagram account to a website, which works like a blog for illustration. It is not only about the outcomes of the illustrator’s work but it shares information about the artists and their process. The pandemic caused by Covid-19 makes the topic even more relevant, considering the actual challenges of visualizing, sharing and talking about arts, which in the end, is a source of income for a lot of people. IllustratorsDaily wishes to support the work of illustrators and make their art more visible through digital media.

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you enjoy what we’re doing.

Share love and arts.